Termiticide- BIFLEX TC



Biflex TC is a synthetic pyrethroid modeled on mother nature’s very effective insecticide pyrethrum which is extracted from the Pyrethrum Daisy. Bifenthrin, the active ingredient in Biflex TC is used in several countries to control a variety of pests like termites, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders, chinch bugs, fleas, wasps and more. It is also used extensively to protect wood against wood damaging insects like termites and borers.

Biflex Tc is the most advanced development in today’s growing world of termiticides. Based on a unique pyrethroid called bifenthrin, Biflex TC brings unequalled levels of termiticidal activity Furthermore, Biflex TC also provides significant improvements to the health and safety of both the Pest Control Applicators and the Homeowners. Biflex TC protect with responsibility. These important benefits of Biflex TC are due to the unique characteristics of the bifenthrin molecule and represent the most singnificant breakthrough in termite control since the introduction of the organochlorines some 50 year ago.

Biflex has been thoroughly tested in areas of severe termite pressure globally and is the most widely used termiticide in its class- used around the world in several countries including the United State of America, Australia, and Japan. The product has also been extensively tested and recommended in India by the Central Building Research Institute ( CBRI ), Roorkee, for pre-Construction and Post- Construction anti-termite treatment.

Double Action Protection

Biflex Tc solves your termite problems in two ways. Not only does it work Quickly to KILL ACTIVE TERMITES, it also creates an invisible protective barrier that surrounds your home to REPEL TERMITES. Some termiticides only kill termites when they penetrate a chemically treated zone as they move towards a structure. With Biflex TC termiticide, the active ingredient prevent termites from crossing the barrier AND kills them on contact. The advantages of a repellent barrier vs.non-repellent zone are obvious.

Even when a Biflex TC termiticide barrier becomes thin or weakened over time, it will still provide protection since it reduces the pressure of the attack through repellency and hence termites do not challenge the barrier. However, termites will challenge and may penetrate a thin or weak non-repellent treated zone.

The wooden block on Biflex TC (0.05% ) treated soil remained totally protected from termite attack while the block on untreated soil was severely damaged at the same site. This long-term Modified Ground Board test was independently conducted by CBRI, Roorkee at multiple locations in India.

Longest Protection Period

The expected period of protection provided by a soil applied termiticide should be one of the key factors when deciding on a suitable product. Biflex last longer in several worldwide field tests.


In the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Gulfport test sites of Arizona ,Florida,Mississippi, and South Carolina, Biflex termiticide has the longest residual protection period in the industry:

Average of more than 13 year of 100% control at all USDA sites


Australia is one of the few countries that require the manufactures to mention the protection period provided by their chemicals on the label. Biflex has the longest registered protection period * when compared with any competitive product.

The USDA tests determine the year’s of-effectiveness of currently marketed and protentially new termiticides treatments to soil under long-term field conditions. Results are provided to the EPA as part of the registration process. The USDA trials set the standards by which all termiticides are evaluated. These studies are well known in the pest management industry and respected.

Biflex TC has greater soil stability than competing molecules because in simple terms, it is less affected by various soil factors such as soil pH, UV light and soil moisture. All these contribute to the long lasting protection provided by Biflex TC.

Lower Environmental Impact

Biflex TC protection is the perfect choice for keeping termites out of your home from the environmental standpoint also. It has the lowest dosage rate, which means that a Biflex TC treatment around your home requires less active ingredient than any other competing product.

Biflex TC is insoluble in water and binds strongly to surfaces. It will not be leached away by rain, sprinkling, hosing or irrigation. Also, Biflex TC is non-systemic which means that garden plants and other vegetation do not translocate the barrier away from the the treated area where it is most needed. To protect a structure from termites, the termiticide used must remain in the treated zone of the soil. Biflex TC stays where you put it causing less disruption to non-target organisms. This is unlike many other products which do not remain in the treated zone.

Furthermore, the active ingredient of Biflex TC has an extremely low vapour pressure so that Biflex TC treated homes are free of airborne termiticide residues. Biflex TC brings real peace of mind protection with knowledge that it will not cause health concerns for you, your family or your pets.

Bifenthrin, the active ingredient of Biflex TC is approved even for indoor usage by recognized health authorities.

Toxicity Profile :  The oral50 for Biflex Tc is 1657 mg/kg and the dermal LD50 is >2000 mg/kg.

Dosage :                   Biflex TC shall be applied at 0.05% a.i. concentration i.e. 1 litre of Biflex Tc in 49                                      litre of water.

Warranty :            Since the strong and use of the product is beyond Our control, we cannot assume any                                      responsibility Other than uniform quality of the product.