How To Apply


                                Termiticide: Method of Application

       Termite Control : Principles

  • Basic principle of termite control is
    • to deny moisture source  : lack of moisture leads to desiccation of the termites.
    • Create a barrier so that the termites cannot reach
  • No good physical methods / barriers are available for curtailing the infestation of the termites
  • The most common barrier is use of chemicals
  • Chemical barriers are proved to last for a long time provided :
    • The chemical has good termiticidal property
    • The timing of application: Pre construction is always better than Post construction application.


         Two types of application are very common 

  1. Pre construction
  2. Post construction


        Why Preconstruction Treatment is Preferred?

  1. Ease of application
  2. Thorough coverage; Complete Barrier
  3.  Long lasting effect of termiticide
  4. Peace of Mind


                        Treatment for Masonry Foundations & Basements



                     Treatment for RCC foundations & basements


    1. In RCC foundations the concrete is dense( 1:2:4), hence termites are unable to penetrate the structure.

    2.  Therefore it is unnecessary to start the treatment from the bottom of excavations.

    3.  The treatment for RCC construction should start from a depth of 500 mm below the ground level except when the ground level is raised or lowered.

    4.  If the ground level is raised or lowered – then depth of 500 mm should be determined from the new soil level

    5. The vertical structure of the RCC foundations shall be treated at the rate of 7.5 l / m (similar to Step 2 of Masonry foundations)